After having been involved in providing insurance for trust properties for several years, in 1992 we set out to update, enhance and add function to a Trust Asset Management System. This system is specifically targeted to the needs of Trust Companies and other Financial Institutions that have a fiduciary responsibility to insure and manage the insurance function for specific trust assets. The goal was simple; develop a user-friendly product that is the most advanced Trust Asset Management software available. Constantly enhance the product, keep on the leading edge of technology and retain the reputation as the best in the business. These design changes are made in conjunction with the request of the users.

Managing the insurance needs of assets held in trust is a relentless task that typically produces vast amount of paperwork and monitoring problems. Most real and personal property accounts need insurance. We provide each trust office with the ability to place insurance for assets held in trust in the easiest way possible. Our solution starts with a system that allows for simple step by step input of needed underwriting information. The system then allows policy invoicing and evidence of coverage to be issued instantly at multiple locations. All of these functions take place directly within a given Trust or Service Department.